On Personal and Professional Success

PepTalk from Kid President

"The world needs you to stop being boring [...] We were made to be awesome!" -Kid President Being an entrepreneur, business owner, or just someone with ambitions and a desire to make a differance can be hard. Changing anything is often harder done than said. So, from...

The Thrash

A few of weeks ago I read a blog posting from Jonathan Fields entitled, "Embrace the Thrash," and I think it's worthy of mention here. Many times we find ourselves struggling, unsure and questioning our resolve in pursuing new ventures. Heck, we might not even be sure...

On Success in Business


About this Blog

I created this blog with the intention of encouraging personal, professional, and business success through the sharing of insightful and practical knowledge on a variety of topics. In addition to the practical knowledge found on this blog, it is also my intention to use this blog to inspire and motivate individuals to take action on their dreams.

On Business and Entrepreneurship

Today’s ever-changing technology has made it possible for businesses to access production methods, distribution channels, and reach markets that were once only accessible to a few ‘big players’. Moreover, technology has given solopreneurs and small businesses innovative ways to deliver traditional products and services at reduced production costs, while allowing for extensive scalability. Here, my goal is to demystify, simplify, and encourage your entrepreneurial spirit.

On Personal and Professional Success

The internet has made knowledge widely available, and easily accessible. It is my intention to curate and share with you the best and most practical advice on personal and professional development.


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