Whether you’re seeking personal, professional, or business success, the formula for success is one and the same. To achieve success, you must first figure out what you really want (aka your purpose/calling in life), and then zealously pursue that purpose or calling with everything you’ve got. It’s that straightforward.

However, most people fail to find success because they’re unsure of what it is they want. This is where a person’s personality becomes a game changer. Those who are outgoing, curious, and adventurous will tend to figure out for themselves what it is they want much sooner than those who lack such traits.

If you’re naturally outgoing, curious, and adventurous, and have yet to figure out what it is you want, just keep doing what you’re doing, and eventually your epiphany will come. I promise that. This is also the point where you can stop reading since the rest of this post is dedicated to helping those less fortunate find their calling in life.

1. Be confident.

If you belong to the latter, unfortunate group, there’s hope. First, however, you must adopt a confident mentality. (If change scares you, then you should know that success will not tailor itself to fit you. Instead, YOU must tailor yourself for success.) Confidence has nothing to do with having certainty in an outcome. Rather, to be confident, you must be able to tolerate uncertainty. If you’re not a confident person, then I advise you to observe the behavior of those you deem are confident, adopt their behavior, and fake it till you make it. Fake being tolerable of uncertainty until your brain naturally responds to uncertainty with tolerance. This does not mean you’re adopting a DGAF (don’t give a fuck) mentality. There’s a clear distinction between not giving a fuck and having confidence. Not giving a fuck means you don’t care about the outcome. Confidence means you care about the outcome, but you’re tolerant of the uncertainty of the outcome.

2. Be outgoing.

Assuming you’ve decided to adopt a confident mentality, the second step is to be outgoing. Being outgoing will allow you to meet other people, share experiences, and learn from others. It’s this sharing of experiences with others that will allow you to consider possibilities you didn’t have access to before. The more possibilities, the more likely you’re going to find your life’s calling. Not to mention, you can achieve success much quicker with the help of others than you can alone.

3. Develop a sense of curiosity.

Third, you must develop a general sense of curiosity for how things work. You don’t need to be curious about everything, but you must take care to ensure you have a healthy amount of curiosity. A healthy amount of curiosity can be determined by examining how frequently you are voluntarily exploring or learning something new. Curious people are frequently intrigued by new things, and they often follow up their intrigue voluntarily. Not to mention, curiosity allows you to be more receptive of new experiences, which makes the process of learning that much easier.

4. Be adventurous.

And fourth, adopt a sense of adventure. A sense of adventure will spur you to explore the unknown when the unknown fails to pique your curiosity. You’ll use the following advice in determining whether an adventure is worthy of your participation: If the risk isn’t physically life-changingjust try it. That’s right, if you’re not going to die, lose a limb, go to prison, get (someone) pregnant, or come out with an STD, then just try it. There are only a few things in life that will be permanently life-changing, the rest will just add to your perspective on life.

Sometimes your calling in life will change.

Lastly, put yourself out there. Don’t wait for an invitation to go to the places you wouldn’t normally go to; attend events you normally wouldn’t attend; talk to people who you wouldn’t normally talk to; and don’t be surprise if what you thought was your calling changes. As we pursue our dreams, the new experiences we encounter will sometimes change our perspective on life, making what was once relevant now irrelevant. This is natural and part of the chaotic path towards success. If your calling changes, don’t be afraid to pursue whatever your new calling is with as much zeal as before. Be confident, outgoing, curious, and adventurous, and you’ll eventually discover your calling in life.