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Brian Huynh

My name is Brian Huynh and I’m a business growth strategist for both online and offline businesses. I’m also currently a tax law student at Chapman University School of Law. My area of legal study focuses on corporate and personal taxation, corporate law, and high net worth estate planning.

As an entrepreneur I’m always looking for ideas that are inexpensive and simple to put to action. Thus far, my favorite entrepreneurial experiences have been those that leverage technology (mainly the power of the internet) intelligently to cut traditional operating costs, while allowing for uninhibited scalability. Put simply, my recipe for success: idea + leveraging technology to reduce upstart/operating costs + scalability = $$$

As a business consultant and strategist my goal is to seek out ways to implement practices that will decrease operating costs while growing revenue. Although marketing is a major pillar of my overall strategy, my role as a business consultant goes beyond that of any traditional marketer. A traditional marketing strategist will only explore ways to deliver your product or service to market to increase revenue. When you work with me, I will assess your overall business operation to find areas for improvement and cost-reduction, leading to an immediate decrease in your bottom line. The second phase is to then improve the delivery of your product or service to your existing market. Once completed, we’ll explore new markets, and develop the strategy and know-how to reach such new markets. Regardless of what stage your business is in, I can assist from idea development, to operational start up, through to expansion and maintenance.

When I’m not working, I’m seeking out new adventures. My favorite adventures typically include traveling to secluded places, exploring different cultures and foods, or just simply learning something new.

Work with me

Whether you’re just beginning with an idea or you’ve already gotten your business up and sailing smoothly, I can help. I can work with you on a project-by-project basis, or on retainer. For ongoing business operations, the initial phase will assess your overall business operation to find areas for improvement and cost-reduction, leading to an immediate decrease in your bottom line. The second phase is to improve the delivery of your product or service to your preexisting market. Once completed, the third phase is to expand by exploring new markets, and then developing the strategy and know-how to reach such new markets. I offer comprehensive strategy planning and implementation in the following areas:

I offer strategy planning and implementation for startups, which includes, but is not limited to the following: project viability analysis, growth planning, operations managing, market analysis, distribution strategy, and more.
The following is a partial list of my service offerings to solo, and small to medium sized businesses, irrespective of online or offline operations: operations analysis/restructuring, internal policy analysis, market analysis, distribution analysis, and more.
My particular expertise is in marketing consulting. As such, I can work with you to review your marketing strategy, or create a detailed marketing strategy with you if there isn’t already one in place. Moreover, I will get hands-on and help you implement our agreed upon marketing strategy. Thus, you can expect to have my help every step of the way in executing your marketing strategy.
Sales is the lifeblood of any business. Yet there are few sales stars within most businesses because sales skills are rarely taught properly. The secret to teaching sales skills is to first address the “sales mentality” of the individual. Accordingly, when working to improve sales numbers, I work personally with each sales team member to first address that person’s sales mentality, then to review their “hard sales skills”. Thus, each salesperson is guaranteed a personal sales approach that works for him/her.
Charisma, presence, leadership, and technical abilities are a few of the soft and hard skills needed by any executive. As such, being a successful executive requires complete mastery of one’s mind. I can help you achieve this mastery.


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