“We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand.”

Oftentimes, in our pursuit of our ambitions, we voluntarily neglect our own happiness. I know I’m certainly guilty of this. It’s just too easy to ignore the spiritual, emotional, or physical needs of our body when there’s a goal to reach. However, it’s important to keep even our ambitions in perspective of the overall fact that each of us has one life to live. The following video is of an incredibly inspiring lecture from Professor Randy Pausch of Carnegie Mellon University. Entitled “The Last Lecture” because Prof. Pausch had been diagnosed with terminal cancer, and this being last lecture to staff and students at Carnegie Mellon before spending his remaining days with family and friends. Upon a few minutes of watching, you’ll quickly realize that this is not a sob story, but one intended to inspire us all to live each and everyday with joy and purpose.