A few of weeks ago I read a blog posting from Jonathan Fields entitled, “Embrace the Thrash,” and I think it’s worthy of mention here.

Many times we find ourselves struggling, unsure and questioning our resolve in pursuing new ventures. Heck, we might not even be sure why we start it all. And it’s easy to think we’re alone, but the fact of the matter is that the many who have gone before us have experienced similar trials and hardships. We just don’t hear enough about the hardship that every successful person has had to endure on their way up.

As Jonathan Fields puts it,

[…] most visionaries don’t talk about that “dark” time. Because it’s not sexy. It doesn’t feel good or look good to others. Nor do the great creators tend to get any public attention until after the thrash yields a clear enough vision for them to become unwavering pulled toward a quest. The spotlight loves heroes and legends, not WTFs…

We feel bad when we’re in the thrash because all the luminaries we place on pedestals seem to have their stuff so together, seem to be so insanely focused on the one and only thing that matters. And dammit why can’t we be them? Thing is, those same people thrashed mightily before arriving in a place of mission. And they will again.

The “thrashing” is a part of the journey to your success. Embrace it. Own it. Know that you are on your way to success.